When Sending a Payment Reminder to a Forgetful eBay Buyer

Writing a payment reminder to a forgetful eBay customer can get sticky. You don't want to aggravate the buyer, but time is wasting, and you could spend this time reposting your item. When writing a payment reminder, you need to be firm but pleasant. Real things can happen in people's lives. Family members get sick, and people just plain forget. Perhaps your payment fell between the seats of the car on the way to the post office.

When you honestly forget to send a payment, nothing is more humiliating than someone debasing you through e-mail. So remember that people do make mistakes, and check the winner's feedback before you send the letter. If you can garner from the feedback that this winner has a habit of not following through on bids, you can definitely be a bit firmer in your wording. Always set a clear deadline for receiving payment, as shown in the following letter:


You won an auction of mine on eBay last week for the Greatest Sales Man book. Your payment was due yesterday and it still has not arrived. Perhaps sending payment has slipped your mind considering your busy schedule. I know it can easily happen.

Please e-mail back within 48 hours and let me know whether you want to go through with our transaction. I'd like to put the item back up for sale if you don't want it.

Thank you for your bid,

How firm you choose to get with a nonpaying bidder is up to you. Some people who tend to overbid are indeed violating the contract to buy, but legitimate reasons might explain why someone hasn't followed through on an auction. You must decide which method to take and how far you want to stretch your karma (what goes around comes around). Assess each case individually, and don't be hasty in leaving negative feedback until you know the whole story.

Ebay Toys for Tots

With the Holiday season arriving fast, it's time to step back and think about others who are less fortunate. With all of the commerce happening online, it's a perfect time for big companies to start Social Good campaigns to get gifts to those who can't afford them. Social commerce site eBay has teamed up with Toys for Tots for the "Give-A-Toy Store" campaign.

Toys for Tots has been in operation since 1947, and is one of the most popular organizations to donate to around the Holidays.

With the tap of a button on your mobile device, you can give a gift to someone who deserves it.

Cheief Marketing Officer of eBay North America, Richelle Parham, had this to say about the "Give-A-Toy Store" initiative:

This holiday season, we're giving people an innovative way to window shop for good that will benefit Toys for Tots. We're leveraging our mobile technology to power The Give-A-Toy Store, which offers a differentiated, interactive experience for shoppers who wish to give using their smartphone.

You can donate anything from $2 to $25 for popular toys via eBay's mobile app.

This isn't just a mobile experience, as there is a physical Give-A-Toy store in New York City at 35th Street and Broadway near Herald Square, in addition to a location at 117 Post Street in San Francisco. You can even scan custom QR codes to automate the donation of your toy of choice. The QR codes cause the toys to animate, bringing you a feel-good experience when making a donation.

marinetoysfortots eBay Store About My Store 520x319 eBay Teams Up With Toys For Tots For Social Good, Launches Give A Toy Store

Here's a video from the company, explaining the initiative:

If you're not in NYC or SF, you can simply go to eBay's "Give-A-Toy" website and donate there.

On Facebook, eBay is allowing its fans to customize toys, and $1 will be donated to Toys for Tots for every toy customization, up to $50,000.

Download the eBay mobile app today, visit the website, or visit one of the stores physically to make your donation. You could turn a child's Holiday into an amazing experience, just by doing some Social Good online with eBay.


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EbayTips4U Insure items over $50, there are discount shipping insurance companies. Shipsurance, U-PIC, Etc 

Ebay Tip Number 231

EbayTips4U Include a handwritten note in each package you send out... A personal touch goes a long way.